When Shipping A Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes

    Delivering Birthday Cakes

The best part of a birthday party is the birthday cake. They need to be special and different, which is important to make the birthday baby happy and content about it. It will be easier for you when your friend or your dear ones are staying near to you, when it comes to sending a birthday cake. Suppose you live somewhere far away or you are unable to make it to the birthday to wish them best, you then have to think about shipping birthday cakes to them.

You need to ensure that the cake reaches the intended place in a single piece. Hence, there are many things to consider, such as the size of the cake and locating the best shipping services in your locality to deliver the cake in the best shape to the destination.  Here are the instructions to help you ship the birthday cake.

  • The first thing to do is select the cake. Decide on the size of the cake that you want to ship, since the rest of the steps depend on the size of the cake. The cake should not cost you a fortune and so pick a cake that lies within the budget.
  • The birthday cakes should be packed in a box that fits its size. Make sure the box that you choose to ship the cake does not ruin the sides of the cake. The cake should have enough space and does not bump on to the sides of the cake.
  • As you have decided to ship the cake, try to bake the cake and freeze it as well. Choose such a style of making the cake that it is easy to ship the same. Frosting the icing of the cake or any other similar method that does not melt or perish by the time it reaches its destination. The best way to ensure freshness upon arrival at the destination is by freezing up the cake.

    Ship The Birthday Cake

                   Shipping Birthday Cakes

  • Now, it is time to prepare to ship the birthday cake. Take the cake that you prepared and place it in the box with utmost care. Now, you need to fill the packing with ice packs followed by filling the same with Styrofoam balls. With the help of the Styrofoam balls, you can secure the cake in its place and avoid its movements. Finally wrap the entire box with the usual brown shipping paper.
  • Mail the cake as a package with high priority shipping so that it reaches quickly to the destination.

These steps can help you ship birthday cakes in the best possible shape.

Some Of The Best Stops For Your Washington DC Tour

Best Tours In Washington DC

          About Washington DC Monuments

One of the best places to visit in the US is of course the capital city, Washington DC. The best tours in Washington DC cover all the places known for historical and cultural significance. In fact, you can take a private tour yourself, if you do not want to pay through the nose to any of those tour service providers out there. Just make sure that you do not miss any of the best sights in DC.

Visit all historical monuments

Washington DC has many historical monuments that are open to the public and tourists visiting the city. You can start from the Lincoln Memorial, moving on to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, and Washington Memorial, and so on.

The famous Lincoln statue of about 19 feet makes quite an impression on every visitor. The Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial is indeed beautiful and is one of the best locations to take a picture at the sunset. You should not miss out to pay homage to the Great Emancipator by visiting the memorial too. Any good guide on best tours in Washington DC will give you all the info you need to know about other such memorials here.

Visit all the museums and art galleries

Washington DC has some of the best museums and art galleries in the country. Make sure to stop by at the National Gallery of Art. Renowned works by some of the greatest artists of all times are put on display here. Here, you will see some of the great works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, and many others. These are great masterpieces, which you might have seen photographs of. However, it is quite a unique experience seeing the original works of art in canvas and paint.

John F. Kennedy Center

Washington DC Tour Guide

Take a tour of the White House

You need to arrange this beforehand. Remember that the White House is the official residence of the President of United States, and all his staff will be moving around the building. So, it is open to the public and tourists only during certain days of the week and during certain hours. You need to make sure that your tour schedule fits in with this and make prior arrangements to get an official tour of the White House.

There are much more to see in Washington – the Capitol Building, US Supreme Court building, John F. Kennedy Center, and so on. In fact, it will take many weeks to see all that Washington DC has to offer.

What To See In Washington DC

Walking Tour Of Washington DC

Touring Washington

Are you planning to visit Washington DC for work, but expect to have time for some sightseeing? Then you should know that Washington DC is brimming with monuments and historic sites, and it is not possible to see them all in a single day. So, before you set out, make a list of the places you want to visit, as well of other must-see places you have heard of. Stick to this list for the most part, but if you are on a walking tour of Washington DC, do not mind making a few additions while on the go.

Wear something comfortable to walk in, and for long excursions, make sure you have the right kind of shoes. Most tourists get around on their feet while sightseeing in DC. Little children might not be able to handle too much walking, so bring a stroller if you have an infant. This will keep them less irritable, and it will be easier to manage through the day. As you are out walking, it is good to bring a bottle of water along as well.

Get a map to make your walking tour of Washington DC easier. Check at the reception of your hotel if they have printed maps of the most viewed sites in the city. These invariably include the favorite four historical places to visit in DC, starting with the Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument is a colossal obelisk made of white marble, reaching to a staggering height of 555 feet. Around it are the flags of all 50 states, as it stands in remembrance of George Washington’s unyielding love for the country.

Historic Sites

 Sightseeing In Washington

Next up is visiting the Jefferson Memorial, which is a model of the famous house designed by Thomas Jefferson at his Monticello plantation. The memorial itself was built to mark the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s birthday. Then comes The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, which a network of outdoor galleries. It is made of pink granite, which is softer on the eyes, especially if you have just been to the previous two monuments.

You will find the Korean War Veterans Memorial a short walk from here. This monument depicts the Korean war and shows a squad of soldiers, and a wall with sandblasted images featuring supporters of the war efforts.

These are the main four sites you should not miss out during your walking tour of Washington DC. Most guided tours feature these as well as several others, and there is always more to see around. So pack your bags, and have a nice trip!